Zombie Painting, Stacks Projects, Sydney, 2018, is a contemporary art exhibition on post-expanded painting. This is the second exhibition by the "B-men" (Brush-men) group, with the first exhibition, Re-expanded Paingitn held at MOP Gallery in 2012. The B-men group consists of  Andre Brodyk, Mark Shorter, Mark Titmarsh, Sean Lowry and Tom Loveday. The group was founded in 2011 by Andre Brodyk, Tom Loveday and Sean Lowry.

Zombie Painting Installation 28.jpg

The five former painters and one actor have produced an exhibition that reconstitutes painting from its dead fragments.

Zombie Painting Installation 18.jpg

From Left to right; Tom Loveday, Gravity Wave, 2018, HD video, photo-mounting tape, mixed media, approximately 100 x 100 x 100 cm partial view; Sean Lowry, COCK, 2018, overpainted wall painting, acrylic sign writing and gallery stock paint, approx. 120 x 120;  Mark Titmarsh, North West Passage 2, 2017, slumped opaque purple acrylic, green translucent fluro acrylic, orange translucent fluoro acrylic, semi opaque blue acrylic, clear acrylic, mirrored acrylic, 21.5 x 68.5 x 51.5 cm; Mark Shorter, Body Pressure #10 (2018), digital print on tissue paper, 94 x 240 cm.

Andre Brodyk's abject work is fixed to the window of the gallery and consists of the artist's dandruff mounted in microscope slides.

Zombie Painting Installation 29.jpg

Andre Brodyk, KPI 1, 2, 3, 4  (Key Painting Indicators) (2018) (aka key performance indicators), Material Artist’s 2018 DNA as dead squamous cell-dandruff, harvested from the artist’s forehead where arguably quantum entanglement ideas of painting emanate as expanded paint material agencies. Glass microscope slides, silicon, gallery glass reflections, 75mm x 25mm x 04mm  (Four paintings each same size above). 

Tom Loveday's contribution to Zombie Painting is the video installation, Gravity Wave.

Zombie Painting was opened with a speech written by Tom Loveday with other members of the exhibiting group and performed by Actor Kate Fraser.

Zombie Painting is founded in 20th century theory of art practice generally known as "expanded painting," which is connected to art theorist and critic Rosalind Krauss' "Sculpture in the Expanded Field" and theorised for painting in Sydney by the "B-men" group and by Mark Titmarsh in particular. Krauss' essay is well know for describing the expansion of sculpture to include the space in which it is shown, other media and objects and to escape the exhibition space itself. Painting too has expanded to include many other media, including video, forensic print-making, scientific material and equipment and video installation. However, also according to Krauss' essay, painting has expanded to the point that is has dissipated. Indeed, for painting this means bursting apart and being discarded in the scrap heap. Zombie Painting takes those discarded scraps and rebuilds a new "body" for painting and in some strange and alien way,  IT LIVES, at least for the moment.

The void always beckons:

... and art moves on...

... and art moves on...