reSATURATEryb is an exhibition about the way colour changes the meaning of artwork. A range of artists’ works is exhibited in spaces saturated with Bauhausian primary colours, red, yellow and blue. The colours of the artworks are changed to reveal new aesthetic, historical, political and social meanings. Rather than a simply a technical aspect of art, colour is revealed as an active critical device in the production and reception of contemporary art.

My contribution to the exhibition consisted of two works, shown below. I also assisted with the installation, technical aspects of the exhibition and curatorial writing for the catalogue.

The Animated Edge 1, HD video and monochrome painting, acrylic on canvas, 107 x 107 cm. The projection matched the painting but with changing colour bands that created a disruptive optical animation with a saturated blue space.

The Animated Edge 2, HD video and monochrome paintings, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 cm each. The small monochrome paintings received the projection there by becoming animated geometric paintings. The shadows of the paintings were red in the red saturated space. This merged the animated paintings with the overall projection.