Re-extended/ Re-expanded Painting was a group exhibition at MOP Projects in Sydney Australia. It included Mark Shorter, Mark Titmarsh, Andre Brodyk, Sean Lowry and Tom Loveday. Painting, like art, attempts to fill holes in hearts and minds wrought by life, work, politics and culture. But painting was already repeatedly killed by the middle of the 20th century due to the changing shape of these holes.
The alleged death of painting has provisionally released it from the conventions, practice and institutions through which it traditionally attends to these holes. Painting no longer seems to stand alone, without a contextualising argument, as a form of art in and of itself.. Consequently, in order to articulate painting; it must be grasped not as a practice but as an idea.

What is this ‘idea’ of painting? Narrative, image, expressive gesture, and false reality are some of the many ‘ideas’ carried by the conceptually expanded vehicular medium of painting. This exhibition attempts to articulate some of these ideas and more.
This exhibition includes video, installation, performance, and of course painting projects that attempt to service this re-extended idea of painting. We hope that this exhibition will present some new ways in which the idea of painting might fill the newly shaped holes of the 21st century.

More information can be found at the MOP Gallery Website:

In this exhibition, I presented an array of paintings, a small installation and a video:

Tom Loveday, Bipolar Bear, HD Video, 2012. The music, made by me specially for the work, is titled, "Caged Glass," also of 2012