Painting 1: Edge, Angle, Grid is an exhibition curated by me of geometric painting and painting related artworks at William Wright Artists Projects (WWAP) in Sydney Australia. In 2014, Bill Wright asked me to curate a series of three exhibitions of which this is the first. The works were chosen by artists  that show with WWAP as well as others that I believe fitted into the idea of the exhibition. The artists are:  Sydney Ball, Tom Loveday, Matthys Gerber, Coen Young, Richard Dunn, Caroline Karlsson, William Wright, Hilarie Mais, Jess Mais Wright, Debra Dawes, Marinka Bozzec, David Serisier, Wendy Able Campbell.

William Wright Artists Projects gallery link:

This painting, Red Memorial, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 215 x 185 cm was first shown at Dominik Mersch Gallery. Here it was included in as exhibition, Painting 1, Edge Angle Grid, at William Wright Artists Projects in Sydney and curated by me.